Jarrod and Alayna Raglan

Parent Potential is brought to you by husband and wife team, Alayna Flighty and Jarrod Rendle. 

With backgrounds in information and education, we’ve always dreamed of building a space where we can help people to learn and grow together. Alayna loves community, and Jarrod loves having a laugh, and these are qualities we know are important when creating a successful learning environment.

Together we co-manage the successful online parenting resource: kiwifamilies.co.nz as well as the physical and virtual art studio: laynescreative.com

We also both love family, and try to create a home environment where we can spend as much quality time with our children as possible. An environment where learning and experimentation is encouraged. Where we can guide and facilitate, but try not to dictate the outcomes. We’re learning and growing our family right alongside yours, and it’s together, as a village, that we’ll all find our Parent Potential.


Jarrod & Alayna